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Media Owners

The Nexus Media regional sales force has localised specialist knowledge in representing iconic international events and media owners around the world on an exclusive basis. Our teams in Europe and Asia have extensive local knowledge and relationships across all media platforms, as well as a proactive and client-centric approach to sales.

Image by Terren Hurst

What we can offer: At a time when publishers are faced with cutting costs, Nexus Media provides the perfect win-win solution for everyone. Our teams are commission rewarded only, which means no other costs for you are needed.

Premium media sales: Our sales professionals will convey the value of your brand to international advertisers and media agencies. These sales deliver a win-win outcome that benefits our media owner partners and advertising clients.

Sales and marketing tools: Our media experts use leading market tools and research data to provide a thorough understanding of media in local markets and to create compelling sales campaigns.

Marketing and events: We will represent you at major events across the region at the highest level, which saves you on travel and entertainment costs. Additional exposure is provided through regular bespoke marketing, mailings and media factsheets.

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