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Caxin Weekly


Caixin Media is China’s leading business and financial media group, dedicated to providing financial and business news to hundreds of millions of loyal readers who hold strong interests in real-time, quality news on finance, economics, business, and markets.

Led by experienced journalists, the editorial team at Caixin Media aims to discover the truth, provide credible content, and facilitate critical decisions.

Caixin serves global businesses and professionals who have interests in the world’s second largest economy. It delivers credible business and financial news, information, insights and data. It powers critical decisions. It moves markets. It discovers truth. It makes sure you don’t miss a vital story on China. It provides the true information you can trust.


Readers include:

High-net-worth individuals

Local/municipal governments of global major cities

World-leading think tanks and high-end institutes

Global investors

Multinational corporations

Local/municipal governments of China major cities



Male 70%

Average Age 40+

Bachelor degree or above

Annual family income: $200,000+

Average family asset worth, $1,000,000+

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