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Architectural Digest China

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest established in 1920, a vibrant monthly celebration of worldwide design talents. Nowadays AD become an international renowned and authoritative publication on home and life, AD publishes 9 international editions to share different decoration ideas, culture and travel with readers over the world. AD has been awarded the ”Best Magazine” “, ”Best Lifestyle Magazine“ and ”Lead-Award“ for many years. ”Anzhen AD/Architectural Digest“ is not only a home design magazine, the meaning of ”安“ is comfort; and ”邸“ which means rich humanistic connotations, covering all aspects of life. AD is deeply loved readers who are tasteful and pursuing quality lifestyle, as well as fashion celebrities, architects, designers and other professionals.

The website offers constant original coverage of the interior design, art and the latest design trend in various fields. The content is full of excitement as well as access to print features and images from the AD archives.

Anzhen AD subscription on WeChat (ADChina2011) AD is available on WeChat, an official authoritative home life magazine to guild Chinese readers with a full range of tentacles, share the luxury life attitude of home style.

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