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Agency Services

At Nexus Media, in addition to media representation services, we leverage on our expertise in the media industry and strong connections with media owners to provide agency services, including media information sourcing, recommendations on media solutions, and media buying, saving valuable time for our partners and marketers.

Case Study

Television Studio

A leading TV station: Global TV news Channel​

Nexus Media was approached for a global campaign to launch the International TV channel, involving Print, Display, in-flight Entertainment, and OOH display advertising. Nexus Media created value to the client by working directly with the media owners across the world, saving the client time and valuable resources while ensuring the campaign delivers the best value. Nexus Media took care of all deliverables and collated all the post-campaign reports for the client.

A leading university: MBA Program & EMBA Program in Asia & Hong Kong​

The client would like to focus on streamlining and improving the university’s digital marketing strategy to promote their leading MBA program in different countries and cities.​ They approached Nexus Media to help find the most appropriate digital, eDM, and new media platforms to fit their digital marketing strategy. As a dedicated service provider, Nexus Media provides the best recommendation and suggestion on media channels, to help achieve the client’s KPIs and increase enrolment. Nexus Media has been building a positive relationship with the leading university and become one of their long-term partners.

Image by Charles DeLoye
Auction Hammer

A leading auction house in China & Hong Kong

Nexus Media was tasked to focus on the traditional print media (dailies, luxury magazine, and art/auction magazine) to reach high-net-worth potential buyers and sellers for both their consignment and auction. Nexus Media provided them with a comprehensive list of media titles and negotiated great value series bookings for the client.

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