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Nexus Digital and Localiiz prepare for website revamp and content expansion

Tak Man

12 Nov 2019

Nexus Digital and Localiiz are excited to share teaser news of their upcoming projects

Slated for launch in early 2020, Localiiz’s website will undergo a wholesome transformation, replete with a brand-new design and user experience to pave the way for the new year and beyond. In addition to the visual revamp, Localiiz will expand its content, diversifying its Travel and Education sections into micro-sites with exclusive content partners Scott Dunn and SEA.

As part of the Nexus Media Group family, Localiiz has continued its growth and expansion in Hong Kong, becoming every Hongkonger’s destination for how to live a well-rounded life in our vibrant city.

With a social ecosystem that encompasses over 150,000+ social media users and robust traffic to the site itself, Localiiz is uniquely positioned as Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle publication. Covering topics that range from culture, food & drinks, things to do, shopping, travel, family & education, wellness, and more, Localiiz remains at the forefront of favourite lifestyle resources for Hongkongers.

“Localiiz provides great lifestyle features, news, and resources for expats and English-speaking locals. Over the last seven years, it has built a huge following. We are excited to have acquired such well-known and well-loved platforms and are proud to have the responsibility of overseeing its next stage of growth,” says managing director Tak Man.

For more information, please contact the Nexus Digital team on:

Tak Man, Managing Director

2905 3288 

Gloria Ho, General Manager,

2905 3211

For advertising and marketing enquiries, please contact:

Danny Cheung, General Manager

2905 3209

For questions on content or to submit press releases, please contact:

Jen Paolini, Content Director

2905 3220

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